Seeking Examples of Glass-like Effects

I’m looking for examples of glass-like effects created using BabylonJS, similar to the ones found in the link provided. Could anyone share Playground links for such examples?

I don’t think we have such advanced glass effects in Babylon at the moment. The classic glass effect can be achieved by combining reflection and refraction in the PBR material:

Is this what you are looking for?

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Thank you for sharing this!, I was looking more something advanced like in the link.

The effect in the link is almost impossible to do on mobile due to the resources involved in the caustics generation + dispersion and such.

@PirateJC has a video of caustics for nme IIRC

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Did you find a solution, with Babylon or elsewhere?

I’m looking for a similar effect. Found this one, but it does not have WebGPU support:

No, sorry :frowning: