Senior React Native dev for Mixed Reality mobile app development at Microsoft

We are looking for a React Native senior dev to work with us on the new mobile Mixed Reality application (with Babylon Native dependency). If you are considering any career changes and you are interested, please apply below.

Senior Software Engineer in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft



Love to see teams at Microsoft hiring for Babylon work :slight_smile: One thing I couldn’t find in the job description - how much flexibility do you have with remote work? Many of the users here are not located in the Redmond area - quite a few are not in the US at all.


Good question. We are recently more open to remote work but it would be nice to have someone in the similar time zone (to have meetings at the same and so people can maintain work-life balance). All candidates that are ok to work remotely in US or e.g. in Canada should be fine.

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cc @labris @roland

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Thank you, but @roland is located in Slovakia :smiley:

Maybe a question for @jacekc ? Do you sponsor visa?

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@Deltakosh If I get it correctly you want me to move to the USA? Exciting…

yes sometimes some teams can have the budget for relocating team members :wink:

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@deltakosh Actually I was thinking about moving my whole family to the States/Canada earlier because it seems (and we all hope!!!) that my son will make it to MIT ( more gifted as his dad :smiley: ) and actually my sister moved to North Carolina 30 years ago :slight_smile: However it’s a very hard decision to leave everything behind. We don’t want to split the family so if we have to, we will move, but our choice was something close to MIT. Quite a distance to the West side :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very sorry about your situation @nima! I don’t even have words to express how much… I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings even more by talking about how the family is important to me. Keep strong buddy! Are you actually drinking now? If so, I will pour a glass of wine along with you and cheers to your dad and to the caring child!! :angel: :clinking_glasses:

Hey @Deltakosh!
I was thinking about the offer and ended up by not to apply for the job. I am pretty sure I would loose my passion for BabylonJS if I had to work on it professionally. I love BabylonJS, doing all the stuff I did in my childhood. I am a freelancer for 25 years already, I coded millions of boring backends, frontends, created a ton of solutions from simple scripts to missile guiding systems (from too boring to too stressful lol).

Now I am finally coding with joy, happiness and the satisfaction I feel when I lay back and watch my creations, even simpler stuff, is priceless! Thank you for the opportunity, I appreciate it a lot buddy! :heart_eyes_cat:

:vulcan_salute: Live long and prosper! In 3D of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for your attention to my person :slight_smile:
But Redmond is really too far away from me…
Meahwhile I am always open for part-time remote job in Babylon.js related projects.
I am also thinking about writing a book about Babylon.js but it is quite hard to define what it should describe actually.


I’d absolutely LOVE to see a book about Babylon written by you! Defining a theme is definitely something hard through… if you don’t mind suggestions, maybe you could make mini projects for each chapter so as to not have to chose a single “main” theme? Something like little recipes with Babylon that the user can tweak to their needs :slight_smile:

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I bought this babylon book 5 years ago - it was fun because I was learning and it went through all the steps to understand the main concepts. I got an email when it was updated from Babylon 2.1 to 2.5 :smile:
Learning Babylon.js: Learn the basics of the 3D framework Babylon.js by creating a whole game!: Chenard, Julian: 9781520730448: Books

The documentation back then wasn’t where it is today! I like Carol’s idea of recipes - I’m redoing my project docs to be more like recipes. I am working on a beginner section that explains how everything works and then recipes for more advanced users to be able to help both target audiences. I am working backwards from common github issues and forum questions.

edit: sorry as it’s way off topic!