Separate obj model mesh

I have a mesh (loaded to scene obj model), where the vertices have colors in the geometry. Is there some built-in method in babylon or an example to update or split a mesh by removing these vertices by a specific color?

Hello and welcome!

Here is what one may see putting your file into Sandbox

This is one mesh, which has no vertex colors but it has material with the name “vertex colors”. And this material doesn’t exist in your obj file (or the link to it is not valid).
Maybe you have also .mtl file together with the .obj file?

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No, I don’t have the mtl file.
I add this object to the scene through the Scene loader using the ObjFileLoader plugin (OBJFileLoader.IMPORT_VERTEX_COLORS) with the import of colors.
The screenshot shows how it looks on scene.

In this case you may use BABYLON.OBJFileLoader.OPTIMIZE_WITH_UV = true;
Example -

i do this way

But i get one mesh.Mb you have ideas how, for example, to get separate teeth or gums from the model, then to make a separate gum mesh?

You may find some examples here - Split mesh based on vertex colour or hide unwanted vertex colours - Questions & Answers - HTML5 Game Devs Forum