Set physics calculation speed (not framerate)

Hello everyone,

I have a quite simple scene on which I throw balls to a pile of cubes. This work perfectly but I would like to speed up the physics calculation so the things can happen a bit faster.

I know this all depends on the GPU speed or so, but I was wondering if there was some trick to accelerate the calculation. I guess it would come with less collision precision but that would be ok for me.

Is there any way to accelerate things ?

Here is a really nice read about optim: Optimize your scene - Babylon.js Documentation

There is no one solution but one per use case depending on the scene and so on. Maybe you could create a playground so that we could have a look in order to find the best approach ?

Thank you for your quick answer @sebavan. I’ll read this article and try to build a simplified playground to show you my project !

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Building a PG from my long js file was too complicated but I found a workaround that simulates a faster animation.

I just increased gravity ! :sweat_smile:

That is enough for my need so far I will share the link when it’s done to see if the are opportunity to optimise more.

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