Slow physics engine

Taking this example and while changing the value of “towerLayers” line 114 to get more layers or “slider.maximum” line 155 it results a slow rendering.

Is there any option to render it normally?


Using Web Workers can provide allot of resources in calculating physics collisions and other intensive calculations in the linear render loop. @RaananW showed us how some time back. A great tool to learn.


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Be careful as the worker have been deprecated in version 4 but I know @Deltakosh have been planing on tackling threading issues :slight_smile:

Hi guys. Physics have “step” speeds… which can be tweaked.

scene.getPhysicsEngine().setTimeStep(.04); It is easy to get out-of-control with it, which makes it VERY fun!

Nice/Fun scene, by the way. Control-mousedrag gets us to the top of the tower quite easily, where all the action is. :slight_smile: QUITE active, considering sphereImpostor params of mass: 0.05, restitution: 0.05.

Maybe restitution accumulates due to stacks.