Set sideOrientation to Clockwise is not working in script, but works in inspector

Hi Everybody,
I made a sphere and wanted to change to clockwise orientation to see the interior of the sphere.
This is the test:

However in the inspector, if I change manually to counter clockwise then clockwise, it appears as I wanted.
Any dirty flags to set ?

Thanks, Have a good day !

Hi and Welcome to the forum,
I didn’t check thoroughly your declaration, but it seems to work with a number

or with

I didn’t find anything in the API for ’ ClockWiseSideOrientationSearch’ for PBRMaterial or PBRBaseMaterial. Not sure where you got this from.

Hope this helps and does what you want? Meanwhile, again a warm welcome to our Community and have a great day :sunglasses:

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Thanks, I think I just copy/paste from the documentation and it paste search with it…

Hi Everybody,
Thank for the welcome @mawa
With a gltf load (like my real project), I have my original problem, I can’t “inverse” the mesh
I try another PG:

Thanks for your help,
Have a great day

There is a catch in GLTF, the material side orientation is overriden by the mesh info as by default GLTF are in the opposite orientation of babylon.

You need to override it there:


Exactly what I was looking for,