Setting frictionCombine or restitutionCombine properties on a physics aggregate doesn't work in havok

Hi. imagine u have a ground and a character. put the ground friction to 0 and player friction to 1. If you set the frictionCombine property of any of these entities to MAXIMUM it doesn’t work and there is no friction between them.

cc @Cedric

Please provide a PG, it makes our live easier :slight_smile:
For character controller, we have some features with Havok : Character Controller with Physics V2 | by Babylon.js | Mar, 2024 | Medium

@Cedric yeah sure. sorry about this. this is a simple PG.

That’s expected…the ball is rolling. friction will not make the ball stick.

if u set friction to 1 on both of them, the ball will stick.

Do you think it’s on the js side @eoin ?

Yes, looks like the line:

sphereAggregate.material.frictionCombine = BABYLON.PhysicsMaterialCombineMode.MAXIMUM;

Just sets the frictionCombine on the cached material on the aggregate, and the value isn’t propagated to the physics plugin.

As a workaround, you can set the material on the plugin directly:

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