Setting getter-only property "hasThinInstances"

Um, quick question I guess. Getting warnings popping up in ffox console: setting getter-only property "hasThinInstances" today. And closed PR on github shows 1 recent add but the doc link in what’s says page not found. Any ideas?

Yes, thin instances is a new feature, the doc is coming.

I don’t have this error in firefox: do you have a PG that reproduces the problem?

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i bet you are doing a clone right? I’ve just added hasThinInstances in the list of not clonable properties

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Yh, I guess it has to do with cloning. I’m not seeing the warning today. Good fix, I guess ? :smiley:

No biggie, I’ll wait for the doc, cheers !

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It is fixed yeah :slight_smile:

hi! still reproduces for me when cloning InstancedMesh :slight_smile: Babylon.js Playground

i guess hasThinInstances needs to be added to excluded list there too

Rats! I will add it right now!

Wait it is already in the list. Can you make sure you are on the right version?

The exclusion is missing in the InstancedMesh.clone method.

ok! Will fix that


Thank you! Fixed in v4.2.0-alpha.19