Setting the same rotation between two different cameras

Hey guys,

I have an ArcRotateCamera and a TargetCamera. What I’m trying to do is set the rotation.y of the TargetCamera to be that the same of the ArcRotateCamera so that they’re facing the same way

I tried doing this but it’s completely off:
TargetCamera.rotation.y = ArcRotateCamera.alpha

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I’m not sure what you really want to achieve.

Updating rotation.y with ArcRotateCamera.alpha works in some way:

(left camera is arc rotate, right is free camera)

If you want the target camera to show exactly the same thing than the arc rotate camera then the maths are probably a lot more involved…


So basically I have a 3rd person camera and a 1st person camera. When I change the active camera to the 1st person camera, I just want the 1st person camera to be facing the same direction as the 3rd person camera

Can you share a playground of where you are at the moment ? and we ll see what is the best option to fix it ?