Setting zoom & panning on mobile

I got a problem with panning & zooming on mobile, when testing the model it works fine (expect panning!) on my pc but on mobile every thing gone very fast, when zooming or panning the model disappear. I think the problem because of the skybox. here is PG

Hmmm @PolygonalSun do you have any tips to make the camera move less with touch?

You could also increase the size of your skybox…

So the first thing that I notice is that you have a FramingBehavior that activates with scene.onPointerDown. Because the camera movement and framing behavior moving the camera that the same time, I wonder if that might be what’s causing the movement issues. I’d recommend either to map your framing behavior calls to scene.onPointerUp or possibly use scene.onPointerObsevable to perform the action on a PointerEventTypes.POINTERTAP. Also, the panningSensibility variable should adjust the speed of panning (higher is slower). Lemme know if any of this works for you.

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I moved FramingBehavior out of scene.onPointerDown and it works fine but sometimes the camera go beyond the radius limit.

Also for upperBetaLimit

This is because of the panning from target I believe. I just replied to your PM (with a delay, sry). You should find (one of) the solution in there that addresses this. Else, let me know…
Meanwhile, have a great weekend :sunglasses:

I appreciate your help so much
I tried to use collision to stop the camera go beyond the radius limit, but it does not solve panning speed

anyway you done great work