Shader custom shader includes in WGSL

Hello everyone,
on my journey to port an application to WebGPU, I stumbled upon the next challenge:
A custom shader include. I have a custom shader material that also uses a custom include. After switching the shading language to WGSL, I expected to see many syntax errors that I would then fix one by one. But the only error message was a 404 that my shader include was not found.
I remember that babylon tries to download the shader includes using http if they where not properly made available. Previously, I made my include available using Effect.IncludesShaderStore.

I see that I need to change the shader store for the actual WGSL shaders from ShadersStore to ShadersStoreWGSL. However, for includes I do not see any dedicated place to put them in the WGSL case.

Does anyone know what I am missing?

Best regards,

You do have a specific include directory for WGSL: ShaderStore.IncludesShadersStoreWGSL.

Thank you, it works, now I can continue.