Shader material with imported mesh

Hello guys,

I am trying to replicate this shader effect from this playground

on this playground

but the effect is not showing on the body of the car
if you can just explain to me what’s happening so i can fix it.


Yes im facing the same issue did you find any solution for that ??


There are several issues.

  • You didn’t create skyebox mesh.

  • I didn’t look into why the paintedColor computation doesn’t work well for this car model. But it seems paintColor.rgb values are large. After adding the envColor, the result RBG value is >= 1.0. Thus only showing the white color. The following helps to show the env reflection.

gl_FragColor = envColor * fEnvContribution + vec4(paintColor * 0.2, 1.0);


Ok, now I figure out:

worldNormal needs to be normalized.

I added normalization in the vertex shader when initiating the worldNormal varying before passing it to frag shader.

worldNormal = normalize(mat3( worldView[ 0 ].xyz, worldView[ 1 ].xyz, worldView[ 2 ].xyz ) * normal);


thank you so much for the help.

do you have any idea why the edges of the model have white noise glitching?

Where do you see this?

door edges

if you zoom in a little you can see white noise on the edges

It is how it looks on my browser. I don’t see white noise like what you have.

thats weird :confused:
anw thank you so much for your time

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