Shaders import from third party shader's editor

I am trying to figure out how I can use this shader editor to create shaders and then use them in my babylonjs scene
this is the editor:

if someone can create a playground and use the shader from this example so I can replicate it on another shader it would be very helpful for me.

thank you in advance.

I think the author of the editor asked some questions in this forum, but I can’t find his alias…

In any case, he is stating (GitHub - AndrewRayCode/shaderfrog-2.0-hybrid-graph-demo: Experimental Shaderfrog 2.0 Hybrid Graph Shader Composer) that there’s currently no way to export the shaders created in the editor.

He’s application reproduce fragment and vertex shader code.
Is it possible to use those to create a shader in babylon ?
Because he’s using babylon viewer too to run the shaders but i tried to copy the shaders vertex and fragment and use them in the cyos.babylon they didnt work I’ve got some errors.
So i am just asking for a playground that is using his vertex and fragment output to create a shader in babylon

This is possible but you would have to define the values for all the uniforms used by the shader. There are more than 100 of them, some of them are not easy to fill in, you would have to look in the source code of Scene / Material / Light to see what values are stored there / how they are calculated. Also, you would be limited to only the light used in the editor.

You would probably be better off trying to create your shader in the NME instead ( until there is an export function in that editor.