ShadowGenerator causing glitches on iOS

Hey folks,

I’m trying to prototype something and while my scene works well on desktop, running it on my iPhone with the latest iOS installed makes it look like glitch art from the 90s:

Some buffer is not clearing properly, I guess.

After commenting sections of code out I narrowed it down to the usage of shadow generator, if I disable it – everything works.

And then I found out that even examples from the Babylon.js team itself don’t work on iOS! For instance, this one with a character walking:

It looks like there’s either a bug in Babylon.js itself which causes this behaviour in Safari, or maybe this whole section and its examples are just outdated Getting Started - Chapter 7 - Adding Shadows | Babylon.js Documentation and I missed some setup step?

For now, I’ll just disable shadows, I guess.

See Shadow effect compatibility on IpadOS

The temporary fix is to disable antialiasing when creating the engine until Apple properly fixes the problem.

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Whoa, thanks for replying so fast!

And yes, that’s exactly the same problem I have…

Alright, fingers crossed for Apple fixing it soon then.