Shearing a mesh

Hello, I am new to to WebGL and Babylon.JS itself but worked with Three.JS a bit before. I was wondering if I can shear a mesh in Babylon.

In Three.Js, I know it is possible to shear a shape using a shear matrix like done here to a cube:

Is this possible to do in babylon?

Hello and welcome!!

Yes this is possible:)
Just call:


Hi, thank you for the welcome!

I don’t really understand what this function is supposed to do, it doesn’t seem to shear my mesh when I call it. Isn’t it supposed to freeze the object for importing?

OMG…There was a nasty bug in here :slight_smile:
The freezeWorldMatrix is supposed to freeze the mesh world matrix and never changes it up :slight_smile:
So this: Babylon.js Playground will work in a hour or so (just the time for me to push the fix)

Thank you, it works! I am glad that I was able to discover this,

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Me too :slight_smile: