Add Shear(Skew) operation to BABYLON.Matrix()


I am currently working on implementing a path tracing renderer using the Babylon.js library:
Babylon PathTracing Renderer

Here’s a link to the forum where it all started.

I noticed that currently there is not a shear(skew) matrix operation in the Babylon.js source code. I was wondering if this might be a useful feature for other Babylon users. For reference, here is a sample implementation in the three.js library that was recently added:

Shear matrix implementation

Before three.js implemented it in their core, I had implemented for one of my own three.js path tracing demos. However, I am not familiar enough with Typescript or the Babylon math library to submit a PR. Since it wouldn’t add many lines of code to the Babylon codebase, I was hoping that this classic transform could be added relatively easily by someone more familiar with the Babylon core.

Thank you for your consideration!


We can definitely add it if usefull for the community :slight_smile: