Shockwave with Shaders

i am triying to make and shockwave (aka halo, heat wave, etc) around and a explosion.

i made it here

but i need apply on transpárent texture … to apply distortion on enviroment…
in my game i use a sphere growing… but not is the ideal shockwave…

somebody can help me, i am a newie with shaders …

*the explosion is and spritesheet animation…

Maybe using gltf volume extension can help you

You model and export a gltf that is torus or a sphere with volume rendering and change its size at runtime for the shock wave blast.

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good challange

You could keep doing the spheres like you are doing but capture them in a separate render target texture then using a post pass use that to distort the scene.


mm, no, i suppose that shader could work with all canvas content… :thinking:

postprocess hapeend for all content