Should paddings affect rendering buffer size?


  width='100' height='100' 


engine.getRenderWidth() // 100 


engine.getRenderWidth() // 300 

CSS paddings is just a deco, it should not interfere with buffer size, right? :astonished:

The engine is using the clientREct to get the size of the buffer:

yes, here’s the problem, .clientWidth includes paddings!

Imagine that window .innerWidth is 1000px
canvas is 50vw wide (=500px), with paddings 25vw (=250px each)

canvas.clientWidth // 1000 (paddings included)
engine.getRenderWidth() // 1000  (paddings included)

Is it expected, or a mis-calc?
(I expected that render width should be 500px)

It is expected…Since the origin of babylon.js (7 years ago) ;D

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