Shower thought about quantum :D

I had this idea in mind since forever so I blogged about it :wink:


Mind blown :exploding_head:

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erm, actually…its a lot more than that. But just in case, you didn’t know: Microsoft Quantum Documentation and Q# API Reference - Microsoft Quantum | Microsoft Docs


Only thing I don’t like about the state of Q programming is that its still largely in academic research phase, hence the majority of sdks use python. It would be so freaking awesome to port a js version to bjs and combine q logic with webgl2 visuals.

I think you are speaking a different thing from @Deltakosh: quantum computing is for doing computations by using the laws of the quantum physic while @Deltakosh is trying to describe/compare the law of quantum physics (or at least some of them) with programming.

Yep. I have no other goal :slight_smile:

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Are you implying that we are in a simulation sir? :wink:

It could be :slight_smile:

Actually, you just can’t know…
Maybe everything you know and you can see has just been created, your knowledge and memories have been implemented in your mind… since 3 minutes.
You just can’t know :wink: