My deepest appreciation for Babylon JS and this forum

Hello all!
Not sure what to make of this post. But I just felt the need to air my deepest appreciation for this forum and Babylon JS as a tool.

I’m sure some of you have stumbled across some of my rookie topics on this forum. But the thing is, I really have felt welcome here even with my limited knowledge of coding. I have always gotten answers to my questions, and usually not in a “here is the solution” kind of way. The answers are usually enough to point me in the right direction to be able to solve the issues I’m facing (with some more experimenting and searching).

Babylon JS is also something of a miracle to me. My jaw dropped the first time I found it and saw all magical creations people was able to make with it.

Today there are three organisations that I really want to donate money to yearly, without any reminders or anyone asking.
These three are Blender, Babylon JS and the Vipassana retreat I visited a couple of years ago. The one thing these three have in common is that they simply feel to good to be true. They are simply changing the world daily more than anything I can think of.

And the moderators and super users on this forum deserve so, so much credit and acknowledgement. You have made the start of my journey incredible. Babylon JS and this forum had made me do things in my occupation and work career that is truly groundbreaking (simple as they are compared to what you pros are creating :wink: ).

So thank you all for everything. Words are not enough.


Yeah, it’s so refreshing being able to ask questions on this forum and not feel like I’ll never be heard. The responses rate on here is unmatched compared to most other libraries and it’s going to pay off in spades for Babylon in a few years

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So you’re not afraid of posting about your emotional feelings in a tech forum :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:… and you shouldn’t because I believe everything you said here is true. See my post I did a few months ago (among others).

I say when things are good, when the people you get in touch with are good people, when amazing progress is done… it should be stated loud and clear.

And @wavetro I also believe that ‘Community’ is a pillar of BJS (and also a future business model); Where while remaining true to its roots, promises and contributors, BJS has not just offered us a place to express ourselves but will also set a new standard for how to build and maintain collaborative projects in the digital.

Agreed. I don’t have the numbers. But just the feeling is strong enough to be 99.9% sure that this makes just a HUGE difference.


With realisations like these you just gotta let them feelings out :heart:

Funny coincidence that you posted some heartfelt thoughts yourself recently!

I’m 100% with you; this place is amazing for its support; the last five months have been pretty epic. I entered maths deficient, and I still am, but somehow I can do a bunch of 3d stuff. Standing on the shoulders of giants who’s helped me every step of the way.


This is the kind of message which makes the entire community keep going at it :slight_smile: For me it is so refreshing to have a “trolfree” place on the internet where we can all simply exchange in a constructive way.

Thanks a lot for your message @Horisonten !!! this is the best kind of donation you can do for babylon :slight_smile:


Wow, that post has made my day :slight_smile:


I can appreciate that whenever a discussion around code/tech is being had, it makes sense to stick to dry technical language so that others don’t get confused while trying to understand and help; but you’re right, it sometimes feels like any show of emotion on GitHub or any tech forum is taboo even when you just want to express your gratitude.