Total off topic theory of speed of light

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I was thinking about how to solve collisions between two very fastly moving meshes and started to think about what if the speed of light is set to the known maximum because anything moving faster would simply avoid collision/interaction because there is a limit in the collision sampling rate of the computer which is running the simulation we live in? :vulcan_salute:

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If we’re living in a simulation, that’s mean we can try to hack the system to generate a bug. So, maybe hurting your head on a wall with the correct high speed can make you see the light? :smiley:


I saw some people trying to hack the system this way, but obviously they didn’t reach the correct high speed you’ve mentioned :joy:

So you’re telling me the simulation software has no problems rendering all nose hair in the world and is capable of simulating that freaking pain in my right shoulder?

But I’m glad we have no clipping errors and don’t fall through the ground

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#event horizon


And what about the damned hair around the men’s assh*le? If it’s a software package it must be created by McAfee because it can sneak into your system even quicker than the virus itself even if you try hard to avoid to voluntary opt for it :smiley:

Shit just got weird


Back in the 60s I was at university in Liverpool and traveled every day through an area known as “The Dingle” (where Ringo Starr came from). Those hairs can accumulate a certain body material and were known as “Dingleberries”. It was a word used as form of Scouse insult :grinning:

And the first time I ran into Relativity was in my second year in physics there.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

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After reading your post, which has amazed me by the way, I can recall an interview with Joe Rogan and Dorian Yates about DMT. It’s a psychedelic drug which according to the people who took it just f@cking unlocks your mind, you start to see things in another way and no way back from the new person you became. A much better a caring person. It’s like a cheat code in a game…

Good to know so when someone will call me Dingleberrie I will know that it’s not a funky soda name :smiley:

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Is perception of our world or how it was created important? I actually think not. I’m not saying thinking about it isn’t important, but rather , knowing this in advance can ease the torment such thoughts can cause. Personally, I assume matter exists, always has, and always will. I also assume that any matter than can replicate with mutation will eventually form intelligent life and life is the purpose of existence. Therefore, any moral choice must be founded on the basis of which choice will lead to an outcome that is most likely to perpetuate intelligent life. However, even if the premise of this reasoning changings, whether we are a simulation, creation of a higher power, or matter simply exists into perpetuity, the outcome does not change. If we are a simulation, the moral choice is to feed the algorithm as best we can. If we are created by a god, we should help prolong the creation, or if we just accept our existence, we should continue to evolve. Based on this simple foundation, to always make the decision that is most likely to perpetuate humanity’s existence, I’ve found you can answer questions of morality that otherwise seem impossible to answer.

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Brain damage Does work in mysterious ways

Actually Joe Rogan is one of the most coolest dude I’ve ever seen :joy:

I like this one a lot!