Signature Projects/Demos

Good Day.
I was browsing through the Demo Section on the webpage, as well here in the forums.
There are a lot of things to see and experience.

Are there some signature projects, which are a must see, which show the capabilities and beauty of Babylon?
Especially I am interested to see some graphically polished projects showing off some features like materials or effects.

Grateful for some hints.

Thank you.

cc @PirateJC

Hey @yamaciller !

Really good question. There’s honestly too many examples to pick from, but let’s do something fun with this thread. I’ll throw a few standout examples on here and then I’ll tag someone else to add a few, and then that person can add a few more, so forth and so on and we can see how far this thread gets :wink:

Let’s start with these:

  1. Underwater scene - Babylon.js Playground
  2. Incredible Ocean Shader by @simon -
  3. Nike By You Shoe Customizer by Nike- Nike Metcon 7 By You Custom Men's Training Shoe.
  4. Temple Run 2 by Imangi -
  5. Weapons Demo by @PatrickRyan - Babylon.js Playground

Ok now it’s the next person’s turn to add a few. @thomlucc! Can you carry this tradition forward? :slight_smile:


I’m still handling some final fixes, but Laje de Santos em Realidade Virtual is about to get there. I adapted the old ocean shader to work underwater and it uses the brand new material plugins to do underwater caustics. The landing page also uses Babylon for the initial “dive” effect.


Here are a few more:

@PatrickRyan, I believe you also have an e-commerce demo and a transmission demo?


@yamaciller I can add a few more including the ones that @thomlucc mentioned:

Ok, now I’m throwing it over to @bghgary for his favorites.


Holy moly, that is SO COOL! I’ll have to add this place to the list of things to visit when I finally go see my friends in SP :smiley:


Thank you so much for these links.
It helps me a lot to get a closer understanding of the facets of babylon.js.

After watching almost all of the videos of the babylon youtube channel I am impressed, that @Deltakosh and @PirateJC and @PatrickRyan and @carolhmj answers here! (I dont know the others yet :slight_smile: ) Thank you. I like the quality of the videos. They actually drew me in to take a closer look and to get started with playground and babylon in general.

At the moment we are seriously considering to start working with babylon.js for our next projects. It is quite a radical decision as we would move from a very specialized engine into a new universe of possibilities.

But also somehow it feels like stepping back in time, back to somehow the roots of realtime 3d. We feel ourselves comfy at home, more like back in the days of dx8 or 9 or even vrml, but with all the fancy stuff which was missing like pbr, gltf aso. and of course in the browser and on ‘all’ devices.
I feel myself excited to dig deeper and get some of our testcases to life.

In terms of working and producing with babylon.js, I am wondering what I do need to know about licensing.
I found a topic here: What is the BJS future about opensource ,license and is that wanna be changed?



Awesome! So glad you’re enjoying your learning journey with Babylon so far.

The core dev team is here on the forum every week day. This community is the single most important part of our platform and it’s our #1 goal to ensure that every person here is on a path to getting the answers they need to create amazing things with the tech.

As for licensing. Babylon.js is completely free and open source. It is yours to use, extend, morph, breathe new life into, etc.

While there is no obligation to do so, our only humble ask is that you return the “good will” back to the platform and community wherever possible. Anything that you can develop to share with others is a HUGE win in our book.

Thank you for considering Babylon and let us know how we can help you start on your journey!

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P.S. - @bghgary - You’re not off the hook. It’s your turn on this thread. Throw in some of your favorite demos and ping the next person.