Skeleton Override Mesh Issue

Yo @bghgary … I got a funny problem when i change skeleton override mesh and UNLINK the main root transform node… Everything works great as long as the skinned mesh model is at position or rotation 0 for the export. If you have any other position or rotation other than 0 child items are off by that amount. If i author at 0 then move and rotate after that object with code once the scene loads everything is fine… But if i author with any other position that 0 things are off.

This shot the character is author at 1 in the position Y

But in babylon… notice the hair is of my 1 unit

In Unity i author with Rotate Y 90 degrees

But in Babylon it turns out at 180 degrees

But again… If i author at ZERO then Move or rotate via after the gltf parse… everything is fine :frowning:

Do you any idea why the changing the override mesh would do that…

I have to change the override mesh… Especially when cloning… There wont even have that same override mesh gltf parser adds to the scene

Really weird :frowning:

I don’t know exactly what you are doing, but if you change override mesh, my guess is that the transforms will be applied twice since both the parent node and bone are included in the calculations.

is this related?