Skinned mesh & morpher don't mix well on iOS

Hello guys,

here is a new one.
When using a morpher with an animated skinned mesh.
There is something wrong in iOS.

Could you check it out ?

iOS is a pile of crap when dealing with web tech :slight_smile: The shader seems to crash because of too many attributes to morph

Pinging @sebavan as I think he already fixed a couple of related bugs

I think I know what the problem is :slight_smile:
Let me come with something asap

So I added that code to limit unwanted morphing options

manager.enableUVMorphing = false;

The PG should be updated in one hour or so


I just realized that I didn’t post the right PG !
Here is the correct one :

Yes, there are lots of issues with iOS. I don’t understand why they stayed at webgl1. It’s like they stopped the support of the technology…
It’s funny you found a bug in the error PG sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok so now I can really ping @sebavan to check :slight_smile:

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@Gil_Guminski is it what you see on ios ???

It looks like falling back to cpu bones does not work well with morph targets.

I am digging further but would like to know the issue you see ?

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If it is the case it boils down to the fact that on one side we do bones then morph (when running on GPU) and reversly when running on CPU.

I will check with @Deltakosh what and if we could sort this one without too much impacts.

Issue can be tracked here: Morph + Skin does not work on IOS · Issue #6526 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

fix incoming :slight_smile:


Hello Sebavan,

Yes it’s what I see.
Thanks for the quick fix as usual !

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Did I mention that I hate Safari so much?

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Could I make the same remark ? :smiley:

Apparently there is also a bug that might be present only on iPad Air 2.
Not sure how I will be able to showcase this if this is really the case…

OMG please don’t :slight_smile:

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Hahah :slight_smile:
Otherwise I can check all pg examples with an iPhone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello everyone,

I just checked with the last version and it seems a lot better. I still have one issue though. It looks like the first morpher won’t work as intended with the exact same bug as before.

If I remove the buggy animation then another one becomes buggy.
Still only iOS.

I’m having a very hard time reproducing it in a PG.
Anyone have an idea about where it could come from ?

OMG :slight_smile: No idea as we need to see it and debug it to try to read into safari shitty mind