nodeMaterial not work on ios (windows macos android all ok)

first i love babylon very mush it is very cool but i I have a problem

this pg work on windowsPC macOs and android very well, but on ios the face is show black ┭┮﹏┭┮ (iphone13pro and iphone11 and ipad all is wrong)

The main thing to do is to realize the transformation of face (mouth color, eye color, eyebrow) through node material.

i find the texture show differently on Android and ios,

Can you see anything

Thank you very, very much

My rough guess would be that the png you are using in your model are not compatible with ios somehow :frowning:

@bghgary might have an idea there ?

@sebavan Thank you for your quick answer
i create a new pg there ,It’s easier and more intuitive to see what the problem is.

I’m looking forward to hearing someone has some idea to solve this problem :pray:t2:

on pc good :white_check_mark:

on ios bad :x:

yup, definitely looks like an ios bug only with premultiplied alpha pngs :frowning: Could you open a bug on the webkit bug tracker ?

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If you update the image to set alpha to 1, it should work everywhere the same?

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【update the image to set alpha to 1】 by babylonb.js some api? or by image making of designer?

Could you be a little more specific, please :slight_smile:

The latter. Edit the image with an image editing software, e.g., Gimp.

Ok~ designers changed the alpha channel information in PNG so that alpha information is not removed by certain mechanisms in ios

thanks for your positive response @sebavan @bghgary thanks ~