SkyBox best practice

Hi there,
in my scene i’m using a skybox as background and then i would like to have a ground in which put all the objects i need. Something like that: Babylon.js Playground
The question is: how can give the illusion that the ground reaches the sky at the horizon? I mean, when you try to zoom out the scene, you always see the end of the ground even if you set a size value greater then that of the skybox. In the PG i’ve posted i don’t want that the black part of the skybox is visible even when you’re zooming out.
What’s the best practice to do that?

EDIT: in the PG as you can see i use skybox.infiniteDistance = true; i think it could be the point :roll_eyes:

EDIT2: i set skybox.infiniteDistance = false and with camera.upperRadiusLimit seems to do the trick.