Environment/SkyBox settings - best practice

Hi there,
consider this PG: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#QHU36T#16
If i use a skybox as that in this PG, i’d like meshes reflect only the skybox starting from the ground to the top and not also the part below (the black one). Is it possible?
I was thinking using reflection probes to reflect the ground, but i’m afraid could be too heavy and requires too many gpu resources.
Is there some technique or parameter to set to achieve my goal?

Thank’s in advance :wink:

If I understand correctly, you want the boxes in the middle to only reflect the upper part of the skybox? The black part is part of the images of the skybox, right?

Maybe @sebavan has an idea?


exactly :slight_smile:

I would advise to bake your ground in the skybox if possible ?

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Hello just checking in, was your question answered? @Mercurio

Hello Carol, i think the best solution is that of Sebavan but i didn’t tried yet :slight_smile:

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