Infinite skybox background


What’s the best method to achieve ‘infinite’ skybox / 360 background texture.

So far, closest I’ve gotten is:

            var dome = new BABYLON.PhotoDome(
                    resolution: 32,
                    size: 10000

This might help Skyboxes | Babylon.js Documentation

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Hi @sebavan ,

That certainly answers the question of how to create a skybox but not the ‘infinite’ part what I was hoping to get some info on.

For example:

If you scroll out, very soon the camera goes outside the boundaries of the box.
I am working on an extremely large scene that would require the impression of an infinite background. With my solution size: 10000 near the max I can get before scene.color starts to take over the var dome.

You can set the mesh to infiniteDistance:


Thanks a lot!
Babylons rocks.