Skybox removed after loading model in v4.x but not in v5 alpha

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Could you check the values you get when doing:

console.log(engine.getCaps().textureFloatLinearFiltering, engine.getCaps().textureHalfFloatLinearFiltering);

I’m able to get an error when I force those caps to false, albeit not the same as you:

@Evgeni_Popov your issue will get fixed in the next nightly.

@Cedric you could try this as well in case it comes from the parallel shader compilation but this is so weird…

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Just gave that link a try on my google pixel 5 in chrome, white screen on load for a long time, then it displayed, no movement, said 60fps, but i think was frozen then white screen again, and the tab crashed.

and this one ?

Just to confirm a hint ?

That’s working.

I also tested it with a pbr on the sphere at

and that worked too.


#17 and #18 work for me!

So basically what is happening is that the devices are not powerful enough to handle the prefiltering of the HDR which kind of makes sense regarding how heavy the process is.

In your case using a .env “is the way”.

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Just tried alpha 45 on the project and the whole app just twitches / norda thing, on android, using dds.

Dds and env were ok on droid.

w0000t was it ok in 44 ?

The demo links on the playground using 45 worked, so loaded up 45 on our local project and it was just html body background with some kind of flicker going on, so I reverted back to 44, but didn’t look into much as there’s too much to do on current project.

Do you guys know how to get a progressive load (delayLoadingFile ) of a model and textures, we have a glb which is going to be over 100mb and babylon locks up while parsing it for a bit (well quite a long time, browser freezes during this process). We found a .NET progressive load converter thing which used .net core on the github repo, but it didn’t generate anything and no error message. Is there another way to get delayLoadingFile to work? or how to implement it in 3D max? or in JS/TS?



@bghgary can definitely help with progressive loading :slight_smile:

About the flickering, it is really scarry as it seems we introduced a regression and I would definitely like to fix it :frowning: Any way you could make a repro of the isolated issue ? or share a repro (even in PM)

Odd, the engine is rendering now… But HDR no longer works.
Ran some tests on my google pixel 5 (unable to get adb to connect for full debug):

using .env - works
using .dds - works - but getting a flicker on some textures
using .hdr - 5mb - blank, html body in view only, locked at 6fps
using .hdr - 1mb - blank, html body in view only, locked at 6fps

Think I better stick with .env

yes .env is definitely the best option as it is already prefiltered.

Maybe this doc I wrote will help? Progressively Load .glTF Files | Babylon.js Documentation (

EDIT: looks like there is already another thread with this info :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, sadly it’s either glb as when we export to .babylon the file sizes in sum increase considerably but there’s a lot work to be done on the designers side.

But I’m out of time for now, so I’ve opted to give the viewers a little message to say building please wait… json config file so they can change it whatever they need, it can’t be animated as it locks the browser.

Build a preloader for everything first though but did noticed sometimes the sceneloader does start to load the model again even though it should be in the browsers cache. But I need to verify this.