Skybox with two cameras

Hello Folks,

I have two cameras in the scene for cinematics and gameplay. I want to have different maxZ for both. I scaled down the skybox so it will be not be culled by far plane and also set renderingGroupID to 0 so it always renders behind the all meshes. Also set infiniteDistance to true. Everything looks fine with first camera but when I switched to second camera and start moving, the skybox starts moving in different direction. Like its still with other camera and not moving with active camera. any idea what is causing this? do I need to change ownership of skybox or something? Thanks.

If you set it to infiniteDistance it will follow the camera. Does changing that solve the issue?

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Aah stupid us! The other programmer was literally updating the skybox position with camera position in every frame. lol.

Anyways, Thanks.

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