Warhammer: Age of Man

I wanted to show a project I am working on since year or something.
The goal is to create multiplayer RPG that will give an experience similar to real tabletop.
To achieve that, the whole “presentation” layer is highly abstract and cut down to a bearable minimum.
Frequently description of player/npc actions would be high level and textual (character “did that” or “that”).
This apporach seems to be working in most-complex games (i.e Dwarf Fortress) and I hope it will work for me too.

Originally the project was meant to be a playground for applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques to generate plausible NPC character actions. Since most of the game can be described with lanugage this seemed like a doable thing.

Without further delay a few screenies, of strategic & encounter map.

Obviously, the strategic map rendering and encounters are done in Babylon.js
the server is done in node.js + colyseus.


This looks quite promising! Will look forward to seeing more of this

OMG this is excellent! Adding @PirateJC !!

@pietrko this looks so cool!

Would you consider submitting this to our 4.2 release video?

Looks promising!

I don’t think i can make it - the project is not mature enough IMHO.
For now I will stay in stealth mode at least for a couple more months.

But I’m glad you’ve asked.

Awesome no problem at all! Maybe we can get it in for the next one!