Smoother models

This might be a noob question, but how do I get these lines smoothed out?
I work in Cinema4D and there is this phong tag that is usually on the meshes which as I understand smooths these lines.


How can i make mesh surface smooth? - Questions - Babylon.js (

This is probably not something that needs to be solved at runtime , it i more a case of just exporting the model correctly to begin with.

I dont know Cinema3D app but im very sure it would have some means to apply smooth shading to the model when exporting.

Most all shading in realtime engines will use lighting methods like phong by default. It actually requires having split edges ( where each face edge has its own normals ) to make it look like your image.
Meaning your model is currently exported with all faces split.

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Thanks, i needed to check the normals box when exporting. :slight_smile:

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