Smoothing issue

somehow I can not get the shading to look smooth (or to change at all for that matter)
I have tried
but there’s no difference. Are there any other ways to get rid of the shaded polygons? Or is there a way to adjust the phong angle in babylonjs?
The model is deformed by using bones animation. And I think that causes the problem.
Since I don’t know how to upload my model to a playground, it can be found here:
click next to play animation…

please create a playground :slight_smile:

if not possible, please include the inspector & babylon.max.js on your website
it will be much easier to see what’s going on.

Ok, thank you.
I managed to create a playground with embedded model:

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Hi @flomotion bumping the topic.
Tough case to crack :slight_smile:
I’m unsure what to do about it, but hopefully someone can solve it.

Bone-weighted meshes can be smoothed just like any other, so there must be some other issue somewhere.
(Pro)/boolean sometimes creates weird artifacts, especially if you simply apply one smoothing group.
Have you tried putting all the sides in their own smoothing groups?

Hi Raggar,
Thanks for your reply. I did try to split the model into seperate planes. But strangely enough there was no difference at all. As if the polygons were still connected.
I managed to solve the problem by using a specific shader. This was a lot of digging and trying. But it looks decent now.
but if anyone knows how to fix this issue differently… That would be better.

Thanks for looking into this :blush: