Snadbox not exporting animation on save

Hi folks.
When I export my Bab file from Maya and open it in sandbox all seems fine. But when I make a material change then export Babylon from sandbox it doesnt save out the animation groups that came in with it.

Is this a limitation or workflow mistake.


This is not expected
Pinging @Drigax
Can you share the file and the walkthrough?

Hi Deltakosh.
Thanks for getting back.
I do have an NDA in place so cant share the exact file but I will prepare another and send that.

Back soon. (4.2 KB)

  1. OK here are the steps.
  2. Open attached scene in sandbox - will see the animation playing.
  3. Change the colour of a material and export from sandbox as babylon.
  4. Drag and drop the saved scene file into sandbox and animation is not imported.

You can use any animated scene.

Thanks for the repro. Yikes, I’ll try to see what’s going on at export time.

(If it is not an easy fix, please open an issue so we can track it)

Looks like we’re serializing Animations, but not AnimationGroups. Looked like a pretty trivial fix to add serialization for AnimationGroups and their dependency.

should be sufficient for fixing this.