Snippet server offline for 20-30 minutes on September 2nd

Hello everyone,

The snippet server (and along with it any chance of loading/saving from the playground) will be offline for a short period of time tomorrow on September 2nd between 8am and 9am UTC.
The switch requires DNS propagation AND SSL certificate update. Last time we did that it was almost unnoticeable (we switched our tools to a new service provider), and it should be the same this time as well.
In the unlikely event that the snippet server will be offline for a longer time, I will temporarily switch back to the old service.

I hope you don’t use the snippet server in production (you probably shouldn’t…) and I hope this downtime won’t cause any issues.

If you do use it - please change temporarily the snippet server URL from to: in your code.


Does this mean the snippet server will be faster after the switch? I experienced some delays here or there lately from the GUI Editor. Didn’t bother mentionning this until this post.

harder, better, faster, stronger. Or something like that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warning! We do very much use the snippet server in production for many, many things. I talked to @PirateJC about this a few months ago and he said that was reasonable. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: good luck with the update!


I have a temp fix if you want to be sure it’ll continue working while the domain changes - this will require changing the snippet server URL you are using.

At the moment it is . You should change it to:

This can be done by changing the snippet URL in the components you are planning on using.

Of course, please test before deploying and let me know if there are any issues.

This URL will stay on for at least 30 days, so you won’t have to revert the changes right after the merge

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I’ll wait with the change until friday to allow you all the time to make the changes to production code


You should NEVER listen to that guy! He’s the worst!

Kidding of course. The Snippet server is stable, but does require occasional maintenance as @RaananW is tackling here. Hopefully should be pretty seamless for everyone.

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Thanks for the consideration @RaananW , and hey @PirateJC :slight_smile:

Raanan if you can hold off until Friday that would be awesome!



Work is being done in the next 30 minutes, please expect a bit of downtime.

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This is unacceptable :crazy_face: You could at least do this sort of thing on a Sunday night between 2am and 3am :grin: and preferably sync it with the change for winter/summer time. :laughing:

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well, it is 2am somewhere! so we are all good :slight_smile:

The server should work fine already. Response time seems to be much better on repeated requests (which was an issue before). Let me know if something doesn’t work!

Oops didn’t realize that. :zipper_mouth_face: :wink: Well if I was you, I would have waited for after my breakie and my 2 coffees, somewhere around 10 am. :sleeping: Now cut this useless thing and go take a rest; you deserve it :smiley:

Sure will do, later in the day, in case. Let’s just cross fingers this will not happen.
Good night,

oh, it’s not 2am here! it’s 2am in… Alaska! I am sure they are happy about it :slight_smile:

Awesome! thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Oh, and I thought you were such a dedicated person :wink: You know, I did this sort of crap earlier in my carrier… until I realized nobody gives a damn about this sort of effort :zipper_mouth_face: then I stopped.

well, I love my team and what I do, so if I need to stay up one time I will. But not daily, that’s for sure…

I can already confirm this. :yum: At least with the GUI Editor and PG snippets.
For the GUI Editor, my scene that is currently parsing 21 times the snippet for ADT was showing, before update, ‘waiting on snippet…’. Now, it’s waiting on my dropbox files. Same when editing links in the Editor. It comes quite a bit faster. No need for measuring it, the difference is big enough that you can simply experience it.
So far, so good. Will see over time but I guess for as of just now, you can call this a success :smiley:

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Just wanted to say “Thank you” for this change. The new server seems to deliver just beautifully (at least so far). I know it’s the kind of change where people only complain because the server may be offline for a short time until the DNS populates. In my opinion though, it’s the kind of change that shows the dedication and professionalism of the people working on this framework. So, I just wanted to say: GJ :smiley: