SolidParticleSytem can't digest a plane

It seems that a plane can’t be digested by a SPS.

See in this playground line 34-35, if you change the sphere for a plane, the SPS animation stop working as the plane is not exploded in several pieces like with the sphere:

Can I change a parameter on the plane so that it works? I have not found anything in the documentation.

Thanks you fellows :wink:

Ping @jerome the master mind of SPS

of course, it works :wink:
The difference is that a plane mesh in BJS has only 2 facets, so you can’t get 4 facet particles …
If you want more pieces, maybe use a ground with several subdivisions or a ribbon then.


Yep I just had the idea to use a very thin cube but it will be even better with a ground!

Here we go:

Thanks guys!