[SOLVED]Convert .babylon file to .gltf + .bin

anyone tried to convert babylon file (per file) to GLTF + bin? just wondering if there is something ready to use :slight_smile: and if it really makes sense or its better to re-export gltf from 3d max source files.
Wondering as need to convert bunch of babylon files to gltfs with same strucuture, and now considering what is better to do it with some script or to ask designers to reexport everything gain (approx hundred files :slight_smile:)
Thank you

I would totally do it from the source in max as we do not cover the same set of features in the JS one as far as i know.

Ping @Drigax just in case I am totally wrong :slight_smile:

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I’d reccomend re-exporting from source files. You can use our MaxScript functionality, or the 3dsMax exporter window’s Multi file export functionality to batch export your scenes as well.

Unfortunately, we don’t really support directly going from .babylon file to glTF, sometimes there is data we need from Max during export that doesn’t serialize to the actual file format when exporting to glTF.

Thank you all for input will go with re export then :slight_smile: