Detailed tutorials of how to export 3DsMax models to HTML or JS and see how it works on website

Hello all,

Im interior and exterior visualiser, and Id like to study how to export interior/exterior design to websites.

I tried to find some detailed tutorials of how to do that but everything that I found is one video on youtube.

If someone could help me to find detailed tutorials to study how to do similar things.

You can find here a nice blog post: Exporting 3D content for Babylon.js – Babylon JS – Medium

As well as our complete exporter documentation for max: Babylon.js Documentation
and maya: Babylon.js Documentation

I want to see tutorial of how poeple do it step by step, I don`t need general advises of how it works.

The tutorial is the doc :slight_smile:
Let see if this one suits you?
From Blender to Babylon - standard workflow / From Blender to BabylonJS - Nothing-is-3D


Are there any tutorials “From 3DsMax to Babylon js”?

I think these:

Are there any 3DsMax designers who can help me with this?

Pinging @PatrickRyan (he is on holidays so expect delays)

In any way thank you very much!

@Ivan_Stratiichuk, maybe you can help us understand a bit more of what you are trying to do with a bit more context. The links that @sebavan and @Deltakosh posted are the main places our instructions for exporting Max files for Babylon.js so if these don’t meet your needs, let me ask some questions to understand better.

  • How comfortable are you in 3ds Max? Are you currently building arch vis with renders and just need the information about how to export and set up a Babylon.js scene? Or do you need more generalized help with creation in 3ds Max? If that last one is true, I can point you to Max tutorials for the first step.
  • How comfortable are you with physically based rendering (PBR) materials and their creation? For arch vis, you want to use this so you can leverage image based lighting (IBL) and make the scene feel real.
  • What about baking scene lights into your textures textures? Do you want ray-traced shadows on your assets, or do you want real time control over lighting? Have you done any baking of shadow maps in the past?
  • Have you created any IBL cube maps in the past? Do you know how to create an equirectangular render from Max?
  • Have you done any work with real-time rendering in any engine? Have you prepared an asset optimized to render at 60 frames per second?
  • How comfortable are you with JavaScript? Have you done any experimentation with Babylon in the playground? What about HTML, have you created a web site in thr past? Where will this project live, a private URL or some community hosting service like Squarespace? There may be challenges with any community hosting service as to how much access you have to custom HTML and JavaScript.
  • Have you built a user interface (UI) before? How comfortable are you in a vector illustration package or raster editing package (Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, etc.)?
  • How comfortable are you with animation? Have you created motion for UI before? How familiar are you with easing?
  • What is your timeline for your project?

I ask that last one because if you are trying to recreate a scene like the one in the video you linked, there is currently no step by step tutorials for building that in Babylon.js. All the information you need is contained in the documentation and articles linked previously, but there is no step-by-step tutorial so you currently need to do the legwork to learn the system and we make some assumptions like knowledge of digital content creation (DCC) tools.

We have talked about doing more tutorials and so something like this would be a good start, however it will take some time on our end to create as it would be a sizeable tutorial series likely a few hours long.

If you are on a deadline and just need help with parts of the process, please help me understand where the gaps in your knowledge are and I will be happy to point you to existing tutorials on general DCC topics and explain more about the bridge topics of bringing assets into Babylon.js.

I’m happy to help you learn about the content pipeline, but need a bit more information so I can use my time effectively getting you exactly the help you need. Thanks and take care.


Hello, I`m ready to help you in this, if you will help me.

I dont have deadlines , Im only sure that it will be useful for me and I can explain you why.

It will be difficult for me to give you all info that you need by text, I can give you my skype to speak about it to help you to create useful tutorials.

So my skype: jov_vanni,

I`m happy to have so many replies for this post,

Thanks everyone who tried to help me with this problem,

Kind regards Ivan.



Pls could you give me approx. date when we can contact, I hope it will be at the nearest future,

Thank you for attention,

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@Ivan_Stratiichuk, nice to chat with you. Here are a few links with information about creating glTF assets from common DCC tools. This is a good place to start with your learning about creating 3D experiences with Babylon.js and glTF:

  • Art Pipeline for glTF which is a look at how to create glTF files from within common DCC tools. I am working on an update for this article to publish this year.
  • Lightmap Baking for Babylon.js in Blender written by @Vinc3r is a good read for learning what to take into account for baking your lighting.
  • 3ds Max to glTF guidelines will give you the basics for what you need to do in Max to export using the Babylon.js glTF exporter.
  • Khronos Group glTF format will give you all the information you need to know about the glTF format.
  • Babylon.js Examples will show you a bunch of example code that you can use to piece together the types of techniques you might like to use or understand how they are done in Babylon.js.
  • PBR Rendering Guide is the definitive guide to authoring PBR textures for real time graphics.

Let us know if you have more specific questions or if there are other topics that you need to know about.

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thanks, wasn’t aware about this page : Art Pipeline for glTF - The Khronos Group Inc , some tips are good to read :slight_smile: