[SOLVED] How to not display loading screen at all

I have found numerous ways on how to customise the loading screen, but none on how to completely disable it, when assets are loading.

Is there such feature, to not display the loading screen at all?

I think you just have to not use the asset loader, I don’t use it here: giv0.gitlab.io/fpsg
but you can see when everything loads in, which is what the asset loader prevents.

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Well, my canvas is out of screen, so I don’t really care about that. I just simply want to prevent the loader from displaying, as I am using a loader built in React instead while loading everything else in the “back”.

So I guess you are using React as like a menu?

Without the asset loader then there would be no load screen, but if you ARE using react like a menu then a user could go to fast on the menu and see the pop in (depending on slow internet)

Most times people modify the load screen, like shell shockers: https://shellshock.io/
They changed it to an egg since it fits the game.

If you look at my linked site, I just have sloppy loading:

I just repeated the loading function.

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Hi, @Foxhoundn

depending how you are loading you date.
For SceneLoader: SceneLoader.ShowLoadingScreen = false;
For AssetsManager:

assetsManager = new AssetsManager();
assetsManager.useDefaultLoadingScreen = false;

That’s a lot simpler than how I do it.

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This is fantastic and exactly what I needed, thank you! Thank you both!


no problem

Also yeah, I am building the whole UI (not just the menu, but player stats, inventory…) in React, since that’s what I am really proficient in and will save me a lot of time from using the builtin GUI.

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I use html5 (html, css, and js) a lot so that’s what I try to use.

var assetsManager = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene);
assetsManager.useDefaultLoadingScreen = false;