Issue v3.3 => V4

I developping a game, the scene of the game have lot mesh more than 1000.

The scene works very good with V3 (60 fps), but with V4 since the 26-28 march the scene render at 1fps before this date the scene worked good with v4 too, (60fps).

I don’t understand why.

Maybe the dev of babylonjs (Thank you for this amazing engine) add a function or feature which break that?
Maybe the code of V3 its not totally compatible and i need to change something?
Maybe im doing wrong something?

All the meshes are Instanced mesh so maybe its not the same thing in V4 since the 26-28 march ?

If i set isVisiblle false to all the InstancedMesh scene is in 60 fps.

If anybody have an idea?

Thank you ))

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Can you share your scene somewhere? Would love to do a profiling:)
Or if you can repro in the playground?

Thank you for you quick response Deltakosh.

You can test it here

In launch game:

Force 2 in select box
and just click on start

I changed the version to V4

“B” to desactivate the instanced mesh
“N” to show the debugger

Thank you ))

Do you mind referencing Babylon.max.js?
Pinging @sebavan as well

I put this references :

<script src=“”></script>

yep please use babylon.max.js instead
It runs a 60fps here btw

can you also share the version with 3.3 ?

Do you want a link with my project in V3 or a link of the V3 version that use?

I would like the same demo but using v3.3 (or the ref where it was running fine :))
I need to compare because I do not repro your issue (seeing it a 60fps here and pretty solid)

Yes sure (Thank you for help)

Let me a few minutes and i create another version on the version
I will quickly add 2 button one for V3 the other for V4 ))


Thanks to you ))

Now you can launch in the two versions :

Can I ask you to add a 3rd one with this ref:

thanks a lot

Thanks to you,

I’m doing it.


you rock!

thank you, you too ))

Ok so 20days ago it was still good

Less than 20 days, it was good near the 20th march

Please tell me if this is too much but I try to pinpoint where is the culprit :wink:
can you add this one>?