Sound fails to play on Android devices when attached to mesh

I setup a scene here to start prototyping some spatial audio scenarios:

Right now, by pressing the enter VR button, multiple audio files are loaded as Babylon.js sounds and are then played. These sounds are attached to meshes moving around the scene.

For whatever reason, this seems to crash on both my Pixel 3a and Oculus Quest. Initially it seemed like there were issues related to trying to play audio without user action (hence, I put this audio setup logic behind the enter VR button). After setting things up behind a button press I no longer see this warning. However, the experience still crashes.

This does not repro in Microsoft edge on a PC. There also isn’t any console output indicating an error for the Pixel 3a or Oculus Quest. I have been building a custom typescript library against babylonjs preview release.

Does anyone have suggestions for what may be going wrong here or have suggestions for better ways to troubleshoot?


@RaananW is our xr king :slight_smile: and I bet he ll found it in no time !!!