Space conflict mmo online web

Game multiplayer sci-fi style, in development, to test use :

put your name, select ship and play.

in the upper right there is a marker to know if the server is online or offline.

move tith WASD, shoot with click

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warning pro gamers only. no backpeddlers allowed


mmmmmm ?

Hey! Cool, but seems to be in a very early stage.
I like the engine thrusters!
Good luck with the game dude!

many thanks :+1:

Why don’t you quickly add a sky box with stars? BabylonJS has one too. The scene will look much much better in a second!

Yes, of course and there will be a model of the planet, only that I am doing the most difficult first, server, collisions, synchronization etc.

shoot, I let my pro gamer card expire! :sob:

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i searched on youtube, this seems like a good lesson to get it back. thanks charles


pew pew