Sprite animation doesnt play

Hi All, In my app I wanted to test the sprite animation. I used the code from the playground https://playground.babylonjs.com/#YCY2IL#4 and it fails to run. It just stays on the first image cell. In debug inspector I can see the button displaying stop. Toggling it doesnt do anything. I am on the latest version of bjs (5.24.0) running on mac chrome. In the playground everything is fine.
Any ideas?

I removed all content from the app so its just camera, light and the sprite like in the playground and it doesnt play.

Hello, can you share your app with us?

it would be difficult as it is quite big project based on ECS. I can easily turn off entities so I am sure there is only sprite added to scene. I can try to put together stripped down project that could be shared.

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That would be great, thanks! :smiley: