Several Scene and Animated Model

It seems that created a second scene make model animation impossible or bugged.

Here is a playground which showcases the issue:
See variable secondscene line 16 to observe the difference!

I even tried to use 2 different engines but the animation still doesn’t work.

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Good catch! I will fix that issue for next commit!

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Hello @Deltakosh,

The correction is working great in the playground above. But this is still not working in my project after the babylonjs libraries update (v4.1.0-alpha.1). I can’t find what is wrong as I do the exact same stuff like in the playground.
I know this is very unlikely but is it possible I don’t have the correction since I use @babylonjs/core package?

This is the case. I haven’t updated it yet :slight_smile: (I mean the npm package)

Cool, can you tell me what is the frequency for the updates for these packages? Just so that next I wait the time needed before testing again. :wink:

usually every two weeks (faster when close to release, slower at the beginning)

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Ok I will keep in mind “no rush” to make the update. Every two weeks is perfectly fine.

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