SPS particle face depth sort?

hey guys,

i further played around with my particle demo:
you can see it here:

the particles are many little boxes that have 6 sides (faces) each…
i want one of the sides to turn yellow as you can see in the demo.

the problem is the depth sort, which i enabled… but when one side (face) is yellow and i look through the whole big box from the other side, i can’t see the the yellow, instead it is transparent. this depth sort seems to only work with whole particles, not with faces is that right?

is there a workaround so i can see the yellow through the big box?

(sorry, no playground, but i could probably provide that when necessary…)

It seems your faces are back face culled, so when looking from the other side they are not drawn. Try to disable back face culling on the material used to draw the particles.