SSAORendering Pipeline "TypeError: camera.attachPostProcess is not a function"

Hi there,

I’m trying to include SSAO in my project but get “TypeError: camera.attachPostProcess is not a function”.

The call for the SSAO Rendering Pipeline comes from a .vue where my page is set up. The actual function to invoke SSAO is stored in “Controller.js”.

Sorry, I’m just an artist trying to figure things out. The actual code was written by another studio that was hired and I unfortunately can’t ask them directly.

Kind regards

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! :smiley:

The PostProcessRenderPipelineManager requires a Babylon Camera object with the proper methods to be passed. By the screenshot, it looks like you passed a custom Camera class, which wouldn’t have these methods. Is there any reference to a Babylon Camera inside this custom class? Passing that instead might solve your issue. Of course, since we don’t have access to this code, this is just speculation. :slight_smile:

Hello @anzman just checking in if you’re still having issues.

Hey @carolhmj, sorry for not responding quicker.
Indeed, there is a custom camera class, you were right with the speculation. Unfortunately I still wasn’t able to talk to the original devs about it and I am not allowed to present the code here.
The thread may be closed. Thank you for your kind help.

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