StandardMaterial texture issue

I found that there are some problems with setting reflection maps and diffuse maps for standard material colleagues, which are visually misleading

I think that when the reflection map is non-transparent, the color value should be superimposed in a mixed way, and the value of other textures should be directly used when it is transparent.

Maybe later I will use shader to realize this idea of mine

In fact, the adaptiveBlurKernel parameter can achieve the effect I want, but it consumes too much performance

cc @sebavan

I am not to sure what you are trying to achieve ? is it the blur only ?

If the adaptiveBlurKernel parameter’s value is small , The fusion effect of the mirror and the scene is not very good

But if its value is very large, it will cost a lot of performance

My last approach is to reduce the impact of mirroring in the shader,like this:

    ground.material.FragmentShader = ground.material.FragmentShader.replace(
      "vec4 color=vec4(finalDiffuse*baseAmbientColor+finalSpecular+reflectionColor.rgb+refractionColor.rgb,alpha);",
      "vec4 color=vec4(finalDiffuse*baseAmbientColor+finalSpecular+reflectionColor.rgb*0.3+refractionColor.rgb*0.3,1.0);"