How to reduce the opacity of reflection?


I wan to reduce the opacity of the reflection. I m using MirrorTexture and the option I get is adaptiveBlurKernel that works but the quality of reflection doesn’t meet the requirement. Most of the expected part on the reflection is fade out (become foggy).

What should I do? Any help!

Thank you in advance.

Have you tried to raise the size of the mirror texture (second parameter of the constructor)? Also, I think a repro in the Playground would help in this matter.


@Evgeni_Popov Thanks for the response.

I tried what you suggest. And also I m trying to reproduce the playground. It seems need time to depict what I am facing. I couldn’t share my project screenshot as well. But I will keep trying.

But mean a while, here is the node material graph that we implement for reflection surface. standarRef node is the one handle the reflection and based on ReflectionTextureBlock.

I m a kind of new to node material and its editor, trying to learn. So my question is - is there a node or logic that I can add on the node material editor that helps me to reduce the visibility/opacity (not blurred) of the reflection?

Thank you in advance.

You could multiply the output of RefTextureMultiply by something less than 1 to favor lighting over the standardRef.rgb output.

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@Evgeni_Popov thanks. It works as I expected. Here is a sample playground - NodeMaterial_Reflection_implementation | Babylon.js Playground (

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