Start inspector in popup mode?

Is there a way to start the inspector in popout mode, i.e. open it in a separate window? I don’t see such an option in the docs and neither do I see an option to pop out the inspector programmatically.

Hello! There isn’t an option available in the Inspector opening options but there is one internal option Babylon.js/inspector.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js ( I can work to expose it if you’d like.

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That would be very nice, thank you!

@rassie, can you explain your thinking around defaulting the inspector to be opened in a separate window? Is it to do with placing it on another monitor? Is it because the inspector changes the canvas size and can affect your scene layout? Is there another reason? We are going to embark on a design alignment for UI and interaction across our tooling for our next release and want to understand how you would use a feature like this so we can be consistent across our tools.

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@PatrickRyan sorry, missed your reply. It’s pretty simple, really – we are developing a visualization framework which would be embeddable by a third-party and we will sometimes need a way to load the inspector in those scenes for debugging and support. Since we don’t control the embedded size of those scenes and inspector needs a ton of space, we’d like to have a way to pop it out. How exactly this would be implemented it not quite as important, starting inspector in a popped out state is just an idea. If you create a standalone inspector which is capable of connecting to any Babylon scene, all the better :wink:

@rassie, thank you for explaining the use case here. It really helps us think through the ask and approach the problem correctly. I will add this user flow to the design problem for our tools alignment. Right now we have several tools that open in child windows by necessity (NME, ACE, GUI Editor, Texture Inspector, Performance Profiler) and we need to take a look at aligning behaviors on all tools, including the inspector. We are just starting the work on aligning the tools, so this probably won’t be an immediate solution. We will see if there is a way to incrementally align functionality rather than waiting to launch everything at once, so if we can land on this functionality sooner and release it when ready, we will. Thanks for the help and take care.

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