Inspector in his own windows


when I want to open the inspector panels in its own windows, one opens and the other disappears.

  1. Click on this icon in the panel on the left :

It opens normally. Click on the same icon in the right panel and one of the two windows will disappear.

  1. If you start again, the first popop panel will be completely white

I do not repro :frowning: can you try on chrome or edge?

Adding @belfortk

Yes i’m on chrome (latest version) I stay and it starts again.
I click on the first panel left which becomes a separate window.
I click on the right panel to separate it and disappear.

(I can make a video to show if needed)

I do not repro :frowning:
a video could help

Wait, no, it does not disappear, the other window is minimized, so I no longer see it among all my open windows.

Why is she minimizing? It’s worrying not to see her all at once

Hi @Dad72,

I am also unable to repro. When I click on the pop-out button, it works as intended.

Maybe you have an extension that is hiding the pop up?

No in fact it does not disappear, when we open the second window the first is to minimize.
This gives the impression that it disappears. It is disturbing to no longer see her. But she is there

This is what I am seeing after trying your repro steps. Am I doing something differently than you?


Yes, it’s good like that. One of the windows becomes minimized afterwards.

I often have a lot of windows open to minimize in addition to the browser and I did not notice that the inspector window had been minimize as you can see in your gif image.

This troubled me to the point where I thought of a window disappearance bug.

Maybe she could avoid being minimized and at their initial position ?

I think you might be mistaken. No window is being minimized.

When I click to open the second inspector, the parent window is brought to focus (is put on top of the first inspector window). Then the second inspector is popped up (in the same spot). You can tell nothing is minimized because I am clicking on the first inspector window bring it back to focus (when my mouse goes towards the bottom of the screen).

You can still see the bottom of the first inspector window when i move the mouse to open the second inspector.

In fact, a window is minimized and not over the other.
Your image shows it too. When you click on the second panel, the first is reduced to it. I just re-tested it and that’s exactly what it does.

See the video here (when I detach the second window, we no longer see the first one that was minimized)

In your video, there is no mouse and I cannot see what you are doing. Are you opening the window from the taskbar?


OK, in this video, I shortened the parent window and moved the first inspector child window to the right. As you can see, the window is not minimized when I open the second inspector window. The second inspector window just opens up in the same original point as the first one.

Your image shows it again as on the video.

  1. You detach the left panel. It is to detach, to move it.
  2. detach the window on the right this time. The first move window disappears or is minimized / minimized.

You are forced to click below in the task bar to display this first window.
I will create screenshots in stages

The first window does not disappear, it stays to the left. I pop it back into the parent window after popping out the second inspector window. Sorry, it might have been hard to see that with a gif. Let me see if i can upload a higher res video.


Is this video more clear? The second inspector only disappears when I toggle the pop-out button.

Follow the arrows I drew

1.I detach the window. I move it in the middle (this is the scene explorer)

  1. I detach the second. Look in the middle, the first Scene Explorer window is no longer in the middle

  2. I can display the scene explorer by clicking in the task bar and it appears in the middle again.
    It has therefore been minimized or reduced

Just because you cannot see the first Scene Explorer, does not mean it has been minimized. It is still open, you just have put the parent window on top of it.

Do step 1 and step 2, but then minimize the parent window. The Scene Explorer inspector should be there, still open.

Edit: You may have the move the second inspector away to see it. It might be on top.

No, I just did it. Explorer is no longer displayed, it exists but reduced.
I just edited it in the pictures and in the video.

I have the impression that you do not understand what I mean. Or that the word minimize does not mean the same thing as for me.

Maybe. What do you mean by reduced or minimized?

When I say minimized, I am referring to the window not being open and you have to click on its icon in the taskbar. You should see a window expansion/contraction animation when you minimize it or open it up from taskbar (unless you have those disabled).

In fact the first window is behind the browser.

I understand what you are saying,The window is behind the browser.

The two should be in front no ? This is what I am trying to explain.

Yes, that is what I’ve been saying. The window is not minimized. Just behind the parent window =)

You can bring it to the front. But when you click on the browser to open the second inspector, you are bringing the browser to front, hiding the first inspector.

I don’t think Babylon.js by default can make one window on top of another. I think that would take permission browsers do not have.